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Ice Cube says he’s done with the DOGE army

Acclaimed American rapper and actor – O’Shea Jackson Sr. (better known as Ice Cube) – claimed that he was a backer of the very first memecoin Dogecoin may be. So he put his name next to the likes of Elon Musk, Roger Ver, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons and more.

Ice Cube among DOGE supporters

Although Dogecoin was founded in 2013 as a hoax, it has grown into a leading digital asset with a market capitalization of over 17 billion US dollars. The token also attracted numerous celebrities who have shown their support over the past few years. The latest such person is popular rapper, actor and filmmaker – Ice Cube.

The American responded to a tweet from Bill Lee (a founding member of MyDoge Wallet) and declared that he was “down with the Doge’s army”.

Come on Bill you know I’m done with the #DogeArmy

— Ice Cube (@icecube) May 4, 2022

Shortly thereafter, Ice Cube emphasized Bill Lee’s decision to purchase 25 Fire Tier editions of BIG3’s Aliens for DOGE, valued at $600,000. The deal became the largest commercial transaction conducted in Dogecoin.

Speaking of memecoin backers, it’s worth mentioning Elon Musk. Tesla’s CEO often praises the token on his Twitter account, which in many cases has caused DOGE’s price to surge.

Last month, the asset’s USD valuation skyrocketed amid news that Musk would acquire the social media platform for around $44 billion. Before the deal, he suggested implementing Dogecoin payment options on Twitter.

Not long ago, Musk argued that Dogecoin was better suited for transactions than Bitcoin. In his view, the primary is suitable cryptocurrency currently as a store of value and not for payments.

Who else supports DOGE?

Another popular person to care for Dogecoin interested is Roger Ver, paradoxically nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus”. He opined that DOGE is “significantly better, cheaper and more reliable” than the primary cryptocurrency.

Last year, the memecoin received support from American rapper Snoop Dogg. He praised the token on April 20th, the unofficial holiday for cannabis smokers. Also, Snoop Dogg suggested calling the date DogeDay.

Another fan of the memecoin is the legendary member of the rock band KISS – Gene Simmons. In February 2021 he became a DOGE HODLer as he believed the price will go up. His prediction was quite accurate as when he invested in the asset its USD valuation was only $0.04. In the months that followed, he climbed aboard all-time high from $0.73 while it is currently trading at around $0.13.

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