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Introduction of the open world adventure and idle battle game starts “Piratera”

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The gambling industry has been thriving in the last few months when non-fungible tokens and other related activities caught the attention of cryptocurrency investors, and it is still in the early stages of its growth. Indeed, it is hard to deny the exciting play-to-earn gaming trend.

These new gaming products allow users to monetize their performance by having fun while playing. Many game genres with different storylines appeared. Piratera – a game focused on sea battles in which players take on the role of pirate captain to explore the sea, expand new horizons and conquer huge treasures. Players can also communicate, participate in combat, engage in trade, and be shoulder to shoulder on every mission.

Piratera – A visually impressive RPG adventure

Piratera was inspired by the heroic ideal of the “pirate era” and is structured as an open-world adventure and idle battle game set in a time when pirates were conquering the world.

In a confrontation with the enemy, up to 5 crew members are selected to form a combat team. Breakthrough battles and results are largely determined by the strength of your crew, the strength of the sailors, and the overall strategy. Players can use a variety of methods to create as many team combat variations as possible using a diverse selection of characters, items, and classes. Players in Piratera can choose between two game modes: PVE and PVP.

Many gamers are interested in how to make money from the game, and in Piratera, gamers can get a chance by participating in activities such as daily quests, game events, owning an island, staking out and farms, and selling NFTs Earn money in the marketplace. It’s easy to claim your reward as a $ PIRA token which you can then transfer in fiat money.

The game contains two types of tokens: PIRA and BERI. Piratera Token (PIRA) is a governance token for Piratera World. PIRA holders can exchange PIRA for in-game currency, trade them on the marketplace, place bets to get rewards, and take part in key governance votes. BERI is an in-game currency, it is not used on the Blockchain stored (off-chain). This will help optimize the user experience for the game.

About Piratera

The Piratera’s IDO was released on December 22nd, 2021, and game versions with unique features would be developed and released quarterly in 2022.

The Piratera team consists of young, enthusiastic members of the game industry with creative talents and a strong desire to make the project successful. Piratera also receives backing from several well-known investors. BSC Station, FIM Ventures, AU21 Capital, Onebit Ventures, KDG, BD Ventures, Token Suite and others have incubated and invested in it.

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