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Is that you satoshi? Over $ 23 million in Bitcoin is suddenly moving after being inactive since 2011

The crypto tracker Whale Alert reveals that a Bitcoin (BTC)Wallet just over $ 23 million of the flagshipCryptocurrency after slumbering for over a decade.
According to Whale Alert, the sleeping giant has moved 500 BTC to an unknown wallet. The 500 Bitcoin has gained around 280,200% in value since July 2011.

“A dormant address with 500 BTC (23,665,502 USD) has just been activated after 10.5 years (worth 8,425 USD in 2011)!”

Bitcoin is trading at $ 46,903 at the time of writing.

Long-dormant wallets arouse interest as soon as they suddenly become active, as they may belong to the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The last known publicly verifiable online sighting of Satoshi was in December 2010 when the client software for the Bitcoin network was version 0.3.19. Bitcoin is currently in version 22.0.

In his last message, Satoshi hinted that he was “venturing into more complex ideas” after releasing an upgrade to help Bitcoin network client software withstand denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. However, Satoshi expressed concern that Bitcoin is still vulnerable to DoS attacks despite the updates.

While the dormant wallet only comes to life after around 10 years and five months of inactivity, it has received traces of Bitcoin over the years. The trace amounts of Bitcoin could indicate that dusting attacks took place during the dormant phase.

Dusting attacks are used by cyber criminals, Blockchain– Researchers, tax and other law enforcement agencies or other entities sending small amounts of crypto to wallet addresses in hopes of exposing the owner.
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