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Jack Dorsey talks about why he didn’t turn up. stands Ethereum

                                                            Jack Dorsey war heute auf Twitter ziemlich aktiv und hat seinen Glauben an Bitcoin verdoppelt.  Er behauptete, dass sich die Menschen auf sichere und belastbare technische Entwicklungen konzentrieren sollten, die nicht von Einzelpersonen oder Organisationen kontrolliert werden.
  • The CEO of Square and former CEO of Twitter is among the most famous BTC proponents, having previously said he would leave both companies to join the primary Cryptocurrency to work if necessary.
  • His recent resignation from Twitter sparked such assumptions in the crypto community, and people wondered if he intended to do just that.
  • Dorsey has yet to confirm such plans, but he’s gotten more active when it comes to publicly discussing the asset.
  • This morning he responded to a tweet from a popular. answered Ethereum Developer who pushed Dorsey to others Blockchain-Projects like ETH to work.
  • However, Dorsey said it was “critical” that people direct their energies to “truly safe and resilient technology” that is decentralized and not owned by any particular person or institution.

I believe in you and your ability to understand systems. It is critical that we focus our energies on truly safe and resilient technologies that belong to the masses, not individuals or institutions. Only this foundation will provide the applications you are alluding to.

– jack⚡️ (@jack) December 21, 2021

  • In another Twitter conversation today, Dorsey responded to a question from US rapper Cardi B about whether cryptocurrencies will replace the US dollar. While saying “yes”, Square’s CEO insisted that Bitcoin will, not all digital assets.

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