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Jack Henry customers can now access Bitcoin after partnering with NYDIG

A partnership agreement between Jack Henry & Associates and New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) will allow community financial institutions to Bitcoin-To offer services after increasing customer interest.

Millions of American customers trade Bitcoin

Jack Henry and Associates (JHA), a leading technology solutions provider and payments processing company, announced its collaboration with digital asset management company NYDIG in a press release. The partnership will allow business and consumer accounts to buy, sell and hold bitcoin through Jack Henry’s Banno Digital Platform.

The latter was developed for community credit unions and banks in the United States and has more than 7 million American consumers. The press release also states that the JHA PayCenter will facilitate payments “to and from NYDIG” via the real-time payments network.

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While the development will give millions of consumers access to Bitcoin, it would also benefit credit unions and banking institutions. According to the announcement, these financial organizations can offer fractional investment options for account holders and automated savings, and also create a “new and significant interest-free income opportunity.”

Commenting on the partnership, Rahm McDaniel, Head of Banking Solutions at NYDIG said:

“Together we are bridging the gap between access to broader financial tools for Jack Henry clients. This relationship is an important step in making Bitcoin services more accessible to both financial institutions and their account holders.”

Julie Morlan, Senior Managing Director of Digital Solutions at Jack Henry also said:

“Our relationship with NYDIG is helping more banks and credit unions meet today’s modern payment needs. It supports our mission to empower financial institutions with options and access to a broader financial ecosystem, and to maintain first-app status for consumer financial needs.”

Other community banks offering bitcoin services

NYDIG continues to work with other financial service providers in the US to provide their banking customers with access to Bitcoin. The collaboration with Jack Henry follows a similar partnership agreement with Computer Services Incorporated (CSI) in early January 2022.

Later that same month, NYDIG partnered with Five Star Bank, where the latter’s customers will trade BTC directly from their bank accounts before the end of Q2. NYDIG also partnered with NCR in 2021 to enable 650 banks and credit unions to offer Bitcoin trading services to customers.

In February 2022, the digital asset management firm launched an employee benefits program known as Bitcoin Savings plan is known. The program will allow workers to convert part of their paycheck into BTC.

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