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Joe Rogan believes the US government fears Bitcoin

                                                            Der renommierte amerikanische Podcaster, UFC-Kommentator und Komiker – Joe Rogan – sagte, Bitcoin erinnere ihn an das Internet in seinen Anfängen.  Seiner Ansicht nach hat es sich zu einer „tragfähigen Form der Währung“ entwickelt, was der US-Regierung große Sorgen bereitet.

Bitcoin made the government “freak out”

During his recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan reiterated his support for Bitcoin, claiming that the asset’s current status is very similar to early internet:

“I think of bitcoin the same way I thought of the early internet.”

According to Rogan, the US government didn’t anticipate BTC becoming a “viable currency” to buy things with. As such, the authorities began to “freak out” and are now trying to cope with the situation.

The UFC commentator doesn’t think American lawmakers will allow the use of cryptocurrencies because they had bad experiences censoring the internet during the Obama administration. The move caused significant backlash from society and was quickly withdrawn.

In the case of digital assets, Rogan expects the US government to create a centralized digital currency that they can control. However, this will restrict people’s purchases and steal their financial freedom.

In January, the comedian predicted that cryptocurrencies could become monetary instruments that will improve people’s lives. Although he said he doesn’t understand them very well, he praised Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most popular in the room:

“I have a lot of hope for cryptocurrencies, I really do. I don’t know much about them, but Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be the most talked about.”

Nevertheless, he did not rule out that the crypto sector could completely break up.

“It will be one or the other,” he guessed.
Joe Rogan, Business Insider

Rogan sees NFTs as a hustle

Last year he also spent his two cents on non-fungible tokens, classifying them as a “cryptocurrency business,” which makes no sense.

He dismissed the option of buying digital collectibles, arguing that there was no point in spending a significant amount of money on such artworks when people could download them for free:

“Here’s my problem, I can have this photo and I can have it on my phone.”

Previously, comedian Reggie Watts attempted to explain what NFTs are and their benefits. However, Rogan said he understood “even less” after the discussion.

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