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Kraken acquires a cryptocurrency staking platform to expand its services

                                                            Kraken verstärkt sein Crypto-Spiel.  Nach einem erfolgreichen Jahr beschloss die US-Börse, das Jahr 2021 mit der Übernahme von Staked abzuschließen, um damit ihre Token-Staking-Fähigkeiten zu erweitern und die Qualität ihrer Dienstleistungen allgemein zu verbessern.

Staked is an undisclosed crypto staking platform that makes it easy to keep assets safe while offering attractive return options for investors.

A sensible acquisition

According to a PR shared by the Kraken team, the exchange bought Saked for an undisclosed amount, and Saked’s customers are now becoming Kraken customers across the board.

That means, instead of running several projects in parallel, Kraken will condense all services on its platform. Jesse Powell, CEO and co-founder of Kraken, was quite optimistic about the acquisition and said this move could be strategic for the future of the exchange:

“We’re excited to be staked in our Portfolio of income products, which is widely embraced by a growing number of crypto investors. Staked is an excellent addition to our existing staking business and will enable us to further strengthen our product offering through a world-class infrastructure for customers who prefer to keep their staked assets in custody. “

Tim Ogilvie, Staked CEO, said the union was logical as both parties share similar goals. After the acquisition, thanks to Kraken’s technology, users would benefit significantly from the options of Staked and the other services they would have access to.

Kraken and the fight for the American market

The acquisition of Staked plays an important role in Krakens’ race to conquer the US market. As other exchanges begin to invest money to attract audiences with innovative offerings, Kraken has taken a less aggressive approach and focused on strengthening its infrastructure.

Staked would be Kraken’s fifth acquisition in 2021. The exchange has seen total growth of nearly 430% so far this year, but its staking services are up 950% over the same period. The staking rewards have already reached $ 500 million which has been distributed to investors.

With this, Kraken positions itself as one of the main players in the US market for staking services. Galaxy digital, for example, took over the cryptocurrency custody service BitGo in May and Coinbase launched its staking service in 2020. However, the most significant growth factor for the leading US stock exchange was undoubtedly its public listing.

Kraken has also expressed an interest in tracking Coinbase’s path and going public. Cryptopotato previously reported that Kraken CEO Jesse Powell is considering the idea of ​​coordinating an IPO instead of a direct listing. Powell made this clear in an interview with Fortune:

An IPO looks a bit more attractive given the performance of the direct listing. I would say we’re looking at this more seriously now and have the advantage of seeing how the direct public offering for Coinbase has developed

Other exchanges looking to expand their influence in the US market include Binance US, FTX, and, giving US users good options to choose from, which is a relief given the country’s restrictive regulatory conditions.


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