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Kraken operates on the NFT marketplace and will provide collateral for NFTs

                                                            Der CEO und Gründer der erfahrenen US-Cryptobörse – Jesse Powell – erklärte, dass das Unternehmen derzeit einen NFT-Marktplatz entwickelt.  Er sagte jedoch, dass es neue Funktionen geben wird, einschließlich der Möglichkeit, dass Kunden ihre digitale Sammlung als Sicherheit für Kredite verwenden können.
  • Powell outlined the company’s plans in a recent interview with Bloomberg, hinting that 2021 will go down in history as the year of non-fungible tokens.
  • In fact, enthusiasm for such collections has exploded well outside of the cryptocurrency industry as musicians, athletes, corporations, and even politicians release digital art forms.
  • The skyrocketing demand led countless crypto companies to develop NFT marketplaces, and Kraken wants to be next in line. However, Powell claimed it will be more than just a platform for buying, selling, or holding digital art.
  • “When you deposit a CryptoPunk into Kraken, we want to be able to reflect the value of it in your account. And if, on the other hand, you want to borrow money. ”
  • Kraken’s CEO also expects NFTs to outgrow their current phase of “speculation” in the next few years, saying, “Phase two is buying art and supporting artists, phase three will be functional use of NFTs . “
  • Powell also discussed the recent listing of the popular memecoin Shiba Inu on Kraken. He noted that such additions are possible when user demand has increased or when someone as influential as Elon Musk starts tweeting about it, referring to his affection for Dogecoin.
  • “There isn’t any incredibly interesting new technology or anything; it’s just a largely community interest. It’s basically a memecoin that gets community attention and sometimes you just have to list them. ”- he concluded.

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