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Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital positions itself as a leader in the Metaverse

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Kristof Schöffling’s DLT consulting firm Move Digital will start in 2022 as one of the leading providers in the growing Metaverse area. As an early adopter and builder in this area, Move Digital has grown to over 100 employees in 2021 and has helped decentralized Metaverse projects around the world to increase their presence and appreciation in the fast-growing arena of virtual worlds.

Move Digital offers a holistic approach to all of its customers and this is no different with Metaverse projects, where the company now concentrates the majority of its resources and infrastructure. The company offers its customers extensive technical resources, front and back-end development, Blockchain– Include development, UI / UX optimization, 3D graphic design and marketing support. With that support, Move Digital has overseen the growth of projects that started from scratch and reached a market valuation of over $ 1 billion by 2021.

In 2021, the Metaverse garnered unprecedented attention when major companies like Facebook and Nike positioned themselves to build the infrastructure in the arena. Move Digital has long preceded these early movers and has been working with blockchain projects on the implementation of immersive digital worlds since the company was founded.

Move Digital works with projects worldwide on their Metaverse initiatives. In 2022, the company signed contracts to build and deploy Metaverse worlds with blockchain-focused companies in Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia and Europe. Move Digital’s signature development style enables companies to provide immersive metaverse environments that reflect the real economy.

“Our services help companies build profound virtual worlds that are representative of the real economy. Players can fully immerse themselves in these metaverse environments and use their efforts and resources to collect assets, secure digital land and generate streams of income. Move Digital is the first to help companies build virtual environments that their user base can be fully immersed in. “

Kristof Schöffling, Move Digital CEO

Under the leadership of Kristof Schöffling as CEO, Move Digital sets a standard of excellence for their Metaverse-focused initiatives. They have overseen Metaverse developments that are unparalleled in the experience they offer players. Move Digital continues to serve the broader blockchain ecosystem, helping companies plan and deploy distributed ledger technology. However, given the rapid pace of development in the Metaverse world in 2021, Move Digital has focused its resources heavily on helping blockchain companies build and deliver great Metaverse environments.

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