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Lina Valentina’s NFT collection No More denounces domestic violence

Lina Valentina’s NFT collection No More denounces domestic violence, Crypto Trading News

May 11, 2022 – Los Angeles, California

Renowned and respected feminist artist Lina Valentina is preparing to publish her first NFTseries before. Under the motto “No More”, the collection will strengthen the position of women within the Web 3.0 environment and denounce domestic violence.

The name Lina Valentina is synonymous with the art scene in New York and Los Angeles. Lina has created various stunning pieces of art on walls from New York to Brooklyn. Additionally, her work can be found in the most prominent contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles and on the covers of INKspired and GoodweekendMag and more. Furthermore, Lina’s collaboration with Adidas in 2018 is still fresh in people’s minds.

Lina Valentina uses painting and other art forms to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence, a concern that remains urgent today. Borrowing elements from Salvador Dalí and her favorite music, she creates interesting artworks capable of sparking meaningful conversation.

The NFT collection, titled No More, follows the same path as Valentina’s paintings and other artworks. It is a tribute to women who have suffered from domestic violence and have chosen to denounce it. In addition, the collection will give courage and hope to women who face this abuse but remain silent about it. “No More” will contain 7,777 unique NFTs depicting a female face.

Commenting on her upcoming collection, Lina Valentina said:

“NFTs and art seem obvious a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT area. Unfortunately, there are still too few female artists in this field only five percent. The ‘No More’ series is also intended to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.”

The collection will serve several utilities over the course of the project, including the following.

  • Creating a digital gallery in the Metaverse to promote works by Lina Valentina and other artists who work for charity
  • 300 No More owners will receive an $800 digital frame bringing the digital artwork into the real world
  • A special exhibit for fans to meet Lina Valentina at Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles NFT holders receive preferential pricing for physical works on display
  • Donate 10% of proceeds from the No More drop to the Safe Horizon Association, which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

Lina Valentina’s forthcoming NFT collection No More combines strong utility with a clear message and has the endorsement of a renowned artist. It could become the next big iconic collection, sparking important conversations about a topic often avoided. In addition, Valentina plans to collaborate with celebrities, with more information to be announced in the coming months.

Keep an eye on the latest information on the series by following the social accounts of No More, as well as those of Lina Valentina and The Cool HeArt.


Lina Valentina

Lina Valentina’s NFT collection No More denounces domestic violence, Crypto Trading News

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