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Liquidated over $100 million in an hour

                                                            <span style="font-weight: 400">Der Preis von Bitcoin nahm am Donnerstag einen Sturzflug, nachdem die Aktien die nach der gestrigen Sitzung des Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) erzielten Gewinne wieder einbrachen.  Er fiel auf 36.520 $ – der niedrigste Preis der Cryptowährung seit dem Einmarsch Russlands in die Ukraine. </span>
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell at the FOMC on Wednesday announced the first 0.5% rate hike since May 2000. He set future expectations for another 50 basis point hike later this year.
  • However, he also claimed that 75 basis point hikes are mostly off the table. Both bitcoin and stocks reacted positively at the time, each pumping around 2%.
  • The optimism seems short-lived, however: The S&P 500 has since erased those gains, falling 3.3% on the day. Meanwhile, around 13:20 UTC, the price of bitcoin started falling from around $39,400 to below $37,000 in 2 hours.
  • The crash appears to have coincided with a cascade of liquidations. Coinglass reports $146 million in crypto liquidations in the last hour alone, with $68 million in bitcoin losses.
  • That’s over two-thirds of the liquidations that took place in the last 12 hours, and nearly half of the liquidations over the past day.
  • The last time liquidations of this magnitude took place was mid-April when the hype surrounding Terra’s bitcoin purchases from mid-March seemed to be waning.

Liquidated over $100 million in an hour, Crypto Trading NewsBitcoin/USD: TradingView

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