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Little Baby Doge’s staking option is about to be launched

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It’s an early Christmas for all LBD (Little Baby Doge) token holders as the Little Baby Doge development team prepares to launch a staking option for the platform that LBD token holders only use can earn passive income by holding the tokens. The LBD token staking option will be launched just days after Christmas as an early gift to the loyal Little Baby Doge gang as we all usher in 2022.

In addition to this news, LBD is listed in the Crop Farming section of, making LBD accessible and visible to a whole new audience of crop farming enthusiasts. Dappradar is home to some of the largest high-yield farming platforms in the decentralized finance space. The site ranks the highest-yielding decentralized exchanges, such as PancakeSwap and Splinterland, which have daily trading volumes that compete with centralized exchanges.

Little Baby Doge’s staking option was originally planned as a reward for loyal LBD token holders who see long-term potential in LBD and want more rewards by securing the network. With this new development, Little Baby Doge will be visible and accessible to a larger audience, adding momentum to LBD’s agenda of raising awareness about climate change.

Little Baby Doge is the first meme of its kind coin that goes beyond the hype of focusing on our planet’s most pressing problem, climate change. besides being a meme coin, LBD is also a hyperdeflationary coin community which gives an incentive to holders to hold the tokens to secure the network and raise awareness of climate change. LBD’s staking option will add to the many incentives that come with the Little Baby Doge platform, including a lottery system, merch shop, and NFT-Marketplace to name a few.

For more information on Little Baby Doge, please visit the Little Baby Doge website and social media for the latest update.

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