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Lowest record since January 2021

                                                            Der Preis von Bitcoin ist jetzt weit unter 30.000 $ gefallen und ist vor wenigen Augenblicken auf 28.228 $ gefallen.  Das ist der günstigste Preis von Bitcoin seit dem 4. Januar 2021 und spiegelt einige der Gewinne wider, die in seinem frühen Bullenmarkt erzielt wurden.
  • On Wednesday at 20:50 UST, Bitcoin’s price slipped from $29,000 to $28,228 in less than 5 minutes.
  • The price remains at $28,551 at the time of writing, down about 8% on the day.
  • The rest of the crypto market is also struggling Ethereum barely holding $2000 as a support level.
  • Traders Are Wiped Out Amidst the Chaos: Over the past 24 hours, over $1 billion has been liquidated from the crypto market, according to Coinglass.
  • The price even broke Bitcoin’s June 21, 2021 low at $28,600.
  • This brings MicroStrategy one step closer to its $21,000 margin call price, at which point it will be forced to use more of its bitcoin as collateral for loans.
  • “Bitcoin price is set by those with more money and less knowledge than you,” he tweeted today. “In time they will get the knowledge and you will get the money.”

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