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Luna with new ATH for $ 100

                                                            Nach einem weiteren Rückgang auf 48.000 US-Dollar stieg Bitcoin ins Rollen und steigerte an einem Tag mehr als 3.000 US-Dollar an Wert.  Auch die Altcoins sind größtenteils grün, wobei Terra nach einem zweistelligen Anstieg auf ein neues Allzeithoch von 100 US-Dollar die Show stiehlt.

Bitcoin climbs to over $ 51,000

The primary Cryptocurrency attempted the coveted $ 50,000 mark several times in the past few weeks with little to no success. The last failed attempt was two days ago when BTC stopped just below this level.

The subsequent rejection drove the asset back south to around $ 48,000, as reported yesterday. Here, however, the bulls came into action again and changed the landscape.

In the hours that followed, the value of BTC began to rise rapidly. This resulted in it surpassing the $ 50,000 mark and even hitting $ 51,500, the highest price since December 7th. the Market capitalization Bitcoin has risen to well over $ 950 billion.
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Alts in Green: LUNA at $ 100

The past 24 hours have also been very bullish for the alternative coins. Ethereum, which fell below $ 3,800 a few days ago, is now above $ 4,100 after a 5% daily increase.

Binance Coin is up a similar percentage and BNB is close to $ 550. Solana (6%), Cardano (8th%), Polkadot (7.5%), Avalanche (3.5%), Dogecoin (3.5%), Shiba Inu (8.5%) and MATIC (2%) are also well in the green area.

The native of CryptoCom coin and Terra are the two most important winners of the large-cap alts. LUNA is up 16.5% to a new all-time high of $ 100. CRO is up 14% to over $ 0.6.

The top 100 coins have a new reputation – Dogelon Mars. ELON is up 36% to $ 0.0000018.

More profits come from The sandbox (23%), Arweave (20%), IoTeX (18%), SushiSwap (17%), ICP (16%), Decentraland (15%), Dash (15%), THORChain (13th)%), and others.

The crypto market cap rose more than $ 100 billion to just under $ 2.4 trillion in one day.
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