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Macro Guru Raoul Pal Doubles Crypto, Launches New Digital Asset Fund To “Stay In Trading For Years”

Real Vision CEO and macro guru Raoul Pal reveals his cryptocurrency investment strategy amid pessimistic sentiment in the markets.
Pal tells his 828,300 Twitter followers that he has not posted a profit selling his crypto assets and is instead increasing his holdings.

The macro guru also says that he has set up a crypto mutual fund called Exponential Age Asset Management that will have a long-term perspective.

“People have asked if I took profits and the answer is no.

I’ll keep increasing my bet when I have cash. I switched within the digital assets and also set up a whole crypto hedge fund to stay in trading for years. “

Real Vision’s CEO says that if his crypto assets were to appreciate significantly, he could take profits to cover his personal expenses. If the opposite happened, Pal says he wouldn’t sell.

“I will allocate this fund for my core position as the space becomes more complex and difficult.

But will take some life expenses off the table if you move up (I have to pay a big house extension!) But not down (luckily I can still pay for it from my income). “

Pal also says he is debt free since all of his cash is in Cryptocurrencies is. He is dependent on a separate income to cover daily expenses.

“All of my money is in digital assets. Everything but pay bills. I also have no debts and an income, so I can safely afford the fluctuations in profit and loss.

Choose your own trip. Take the risk you can afford to play the long game and don’t try to get rich quick. “
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