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‘Magic’ Altcoin Project Rises After Receiving Support From Leading Crypto Exchange

An altcoin enchants the crypto world after a surprising listing in the digital currency exchange app.
In a new blog post, says users can buy Spell Tokens (SPELL) using USD, EUR, GBP and nearly two dozen other fiat currencies.

News of the listing sent SPELL up and immediately after the announcement rose 45% from $ 0.011 to a weekly high of $ 0.016.

SPELL is a Ethereum Token that regulates the platform, on which users deposit interest-bearing cryptos in order to obtain the Stablecoin Mint Magic Internet Money (MIM).

Users can use SPELL to receive sSPELL tokens, which give them voting rights on the platform and a right to fees generated by the protocol. The altcoin has a maximum supply of 210 billion.

MIMs can be traded with other stablecoins, including Tether (USDT), Dai (DAI) and USD Coin (USDC).

Spell Token joins a list of more than 200 Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins supported by the app.

The crypto exchange recently announced partnerships with several leading sports franchises, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Formula 1 Racing, and the UFC.

SPELL’s price has corrected to $ 0.014 at the time of writing. He reached a on November 2nd All time high of $ 0.035.
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