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Marathon Digital bought an additional 78,000 Bitcoin mining machines for $ 900 million

                                                            <span data-preserver-spaces="true">Eines der größten Cryptowährungs-Mining-Unternehmen – Marathon Digital Holdings – kaufte 78.000 Antminer S-19 XP Miner vom chinesischen Hersteller – Bitmain.  Für den Erwerb der Ausrüstung gab das Unternehmen fast 900 Millionen US-Dollar aus.</span>

Marathon deepens its mining efforts

According to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ symbol: MARA) will receive the machines in the second half of 2022. Bitmain runs in July, August, September, October, and November. Ship 13,000 units per month in December.

The equipment is the latest generation of Antminer S-19 XP miners. Marathon paid $ 879.06 million for the deal.

The news was announced just under a week ago, but the purchase price became apparent today. It’s worth noting that when the information was released back then, MARA stock was up 10% in a single trading day.

The company expects its operations to reach nearly 200,000 by early 2023 Bitcoin-Miners will grow that will produce ~ 23.3 EH / s. This should correspond to an increase of 600% compared to the current production level.

Last month, Marathon Digital announced plans to raise $ 500 million by issuing senior convertible bonds. The company said it would use the proceeds to buy Bitcoin and BTC mining machines.

Marathon Digital isn’t the first publicly traded company to take on debt for amounts of the primary Cryptocurrency to buy. NASDAQ-listed giant – MicroStrategy – has done so on a couple of occasions and eventually raised over $ 1 billion for the purchase of BTC.

Stronghold Digital also bought mining machines

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania-based company – Stronghold Digital Mining – bought 9,080 Bitmain and MicroBT mining rigs. The purchase will allow the company to expand its power generation capacity by approximately 826 petahashes per second (PH / s).

Stronghold Digital will receive the mining rigs through Q1 2022 as they will all be installed in its wholly owned power generation facility. The company also admitted that it is poised to purchase an additional 54,000 mining rigs shortly with an overall hash rate of 5.2 exahashes per second.

The company announced another transaction that will focus on its long-term strategy. The company has signed a $ 54 million financing agreement with the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). The deal is backed by the purchase of 12,000 S19j Pro Antminers from Bitmain, and Stronghold has already received an advance of $ 18.6 million, the latter confirmed.


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