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MET500 LTD has a great staking platform for cryptocurrencies introduced. The user-friendly website offers staking on the currently 8 most popular cryptocurrencies: – The New Staking Platform – Simplicity and Transparency All in One!, Crypto Trading News

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Staking options

On the MET500 platform we have our internal cryptocurrencyWallet. After charging we can go to STACK COINS Section where we can select 4 staking plans to stake our cryptocurrencies:

  • 30 days at a premium of 1% per day
  • 45 days at a premium of 1.5% per day
  • 60 days at a premium of 2% per day
  • 90 days at a premium of 2.5% per day

APY rates are respectively: 365%, 547.5%, 730%, 912.5%.

When it comes to stable, guaranteed prices, without considering exchange rate differences, MET500 has a really impressive offer. – The New Staking Platform – Simplicity and Transparency All in One!, Crypto Trading News

After the lockup period ends, the base deposit returns to our balance from where we can withdraw it to our private crypto wallet or continue staking. Rewards are credited every 24 hours and go straight to our MET500 wallet balance where they are fully available to us.

compound interest

To further maximize profits, we can use the “Automatic reinvestment” that triggers compound interest on our investments. The system can add our daily rewards to your initial deposit capital and increase it every day, creating a financial snowball effect. – The New Staking Platform – Simplicity and Transparency All in One!, Crypto Trading News

When adding a staking plan, we can choose the reinvestment amount: 25%, 50% or 100%. This means that the system increases our initial deposit each day instead of sending prizes to our account balance. We may increase or decrease compound interest at any time during the life of the staking plan.

referral program

The referral program implemented by the MET500 platform offers you an amazing opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies even without any financial contribution from your side, since right after registration you will receive a referral link which is free, takes 2 minutes and does not require any sensitive data. – The New Staking Platform – Simplicity and Transparency All in One!, Crypto Trading News

After logging in to the platform, you can copy your referral link and share it if possible so that the users registered in your structure can earn your future profits. For every staking deposit made by your referral, you earn commissions. We distinguish 3 user levels in the structure, for which you will receive 5%, 2% and 1% of the commission respectively. The number of users in your team can be unlimited, as can your earnings. Commissions earned can be withdrawn immediately or used to create a staking plan

Why MET500 instead of others?

Cryptocurrency users often look for staking pools themselves. This requires a lot of experience and time-consuming research. Many different ecosystems and decentralized exchanges offer staking through complicated token exchanges whose value is debatable to say the least. offers no trade staking without losing the market value of your cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to trade BTC or ETH for any other token to get daily rewards. If you are looking to stake cryptocurrencies directly on the major exchanges and compare the staking rewards to those on MET500 then the decision is probably an easy one.

Transparent company close to the customer

MET500 LTD is a UK registered and legally operating company owned and operated by specialists in Blockchain-Technology and financial markets is managed. The company’s safety and guarantees allow us to say that we can trust them with our cryptocurrency funds without worrying about tomorrow. Live chat is available on the MET500 platform with team support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team is always there to help you operate the platform.

MET500 is a relatively young company, but prepared very professionally with great financial effort. The company has great prospects and we can expect further improvements soon. The company’s management is always open to suggestions from the user community and puts a lot of work into offering cryptocurrency investors their favorite place to make profits from their cryptocurrency funds.



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