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Meta expands options for placing crypto ads on Facebook

                                                            Meta – ehemals Facebook – sagte, dass sie die Berechtigung für Crypto-Werbung auf ihrer Plattform erweitern werden, indem sie die Anzahl der von ihnen akzeptierten behördlichen Lizenzen erhöhen.  Früher auf 3 beschränkt, akzeptiert das Unternehmen jetzt 27 Lizenzen, die auf seiner Richtlinienseite öffentlich einsehbar sind.

Crypto Ads To Inundate Facebook

Meta today announced their ad extension on their website. This is apparently a response to increased regulation of crypto over the years, which has made expectations of the industry clearer. For this reason, when determining eligibility, Meta moved away from its case-by-case, multi-variable model. Instead, they rely on one of their 27 licenses.

This is somewhat of a surprise given that the Securities and Exchange Commission has long been criticized for setting unclear expectations of the crypto industry. Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong has argued with the commission on several occasions, trying to articulate private sector expectations to aid the process. Even one member of the commission – Hester Peirce (aka “Crypto Mom”) – expressed disappointment with her lack of progress on crypto regulation.

Meta said their policies will be “fairer” and “more transparent” with the rule change and will help small businesses leverage Facebook’s reach to grow.

Cryptocurrency continues to evolve and we can refine these rules over time as the industry changes, ”said Meta. “That includes adding eligible licenses to the list as soon as they’re available and after we’ve reviewed them.

Swing into crypto

Meta’s recent rebranding of “Facebook” was intended to capture her new dedication to the evolving “Metaverse”. The metaverse is a place / time where people perform everyday activities in the virtual world, powered by VR and AR-Technologies. It is also strong with many cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain-Gaming area connected, which rose sharply at the time of the announcement.

Facebook hasn’t always been that keen on crypto advertising. The platform banned ICO ads in 2018 for fear of their “deceptive advertising practices”. London officials recently took similar action against the Floki-Inu memecoin after posting their advertisements on the area’s underground stations.

The head of Facebook announced on Monday Wallet “NOVI” citing his interest in other projects to leave the company.


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