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MetaBlaze’s new NFT collection is set to go live

                                                            Nicht fungible Token (NFT) sind seit ihrer Explosion im Jahr 2021 zu einem Crypto-Haushaltsnamen geworden. Interessanterweise wächst der NFT-Markt weiterhin sprunghaft, wobei täglich mehr als 200 Millionen US-Dollar auf verschiedenen NFT-Marktplätzen gehandelt werden.

As non-fungible tokens have helped transform the lives of many average crypto traders over the past year, avid NFT enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to invest in NFT projects with multiple use cases and earning potential.

Institutional investors and celebrities are also jumping in, and the creators have continued to release new NFT projects in hopes of becoming the next most talked about collection. MetaBlaze is the latest company to launch an NFT collection.

MetaBlaze’s new NFT collection is set to go live, Crypto Trading News

About MetaBlaze

MetaBlaze is a decentralized one BlockchainGaming company building a robust ecosystem of immersive play-to-earn gaming Metaverse with value-added services to help investors maximize their Metaverse investments. The platform leverages the explosive growth of emerging digital asset trends, including NFTs, GameFi and more, to increase user value.

The multi-faceted MetaBlaze ecosystem is designed to work together in harmony to enhance user experiences, generate ongoing revenue for its economy, and provide a robust foundation for optimizing scalability while maximizing long-term value. MetaBlaze is becoming increasingly popular with players and non-gamers alike, who are turning to other earning opportunities on the platform.

The project has gone a step further to bring users to life through its soon-to-be-launched NFT collection, which will feature some of the largest NFTs the industry will compete to offer more earning opportunities.

MetaGoblin NFT Collection

MetaBlaze is shaking up the NFT space with its MetaGoblin NFT collection, featuring high quality and realistic designs inspired by in-game mystical creatures from MetaBlaze’s upcoming play-to-earn game.

The NFT Collection consists of 10,000 MetaGoblin NFTs with 140 different traits and rarities. Some NFTs have rarer traits than others, which automatically makes them more valuable and increases holders’ bounty earnings.

Aside from the quality of the design, MetaBlaze has equipped the NFT collection with several value-added use cases to increase its usefulness. These use cases allow users to earn passive income by holding the NFTs in addition to other exclusive benefits.

MetaGoblin owners will receive 10% of the royalties generated from sales on the secondary market simply by using the NFTs keep. With MetaGoblin expected to become one of the most popular commodities on OpenSea, activity on MetaBlaze is expected to increase.

To further increase their earning potential, MetaGoblin holders can use MBLZ, the MetaBlaze ecosystem’s native token, to gain access to the Blaziverse. In this interactive NFT based game on MetaBlaze, users can deploy their MetaGoblins and earn more NFTs and MBLZ tokens.

As NFT holders progress through the game, their earning potential increases. The more NFTs they use, the more rewards they earn. It also gives them access to multiple benefits within the MetaBlaze ecosystem, including the MetaRoyal Club.

Sale of MetaGoblin NFTs

MetaBlaze plans to give everyone the opportunity to own a MetaGoblin NFT, so they are organizing a public presale event in the first week of May. NFT sales officially begin on May 8, 2022 and interested investors can purchase the NFTs through the MetaBlaze website.

Meanwhile, MetaBlaze recently completed its second initial coin offering (ICO). The presale event was quite a success as the project hit 93% of its fundraising goal within 24 hours and 100% of the token sale cap in 72 hours.

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