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Metacade Prepares For 100x Wins After MCADE Presale Quickly Sells Out

Metaverse and GameFi company Metacade (MCADE) is making waves in the crypto industry. With the pre-sale selling out fast, there’s already talk of Metacade gearing up for 100x wins. Read on to learn why so many crypto analysts and experts are so excited about this P2E (play-to-earn) newcomer—and why you shouldn’t waste time checking out Metacade’s presale.

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For a great investment opportunity, it has to be Metacade

If you are looking to invest in cryptos in 2023, the GameFi/P2E sector offers excellent potential. And if you’re looking to invest in the best GameFi/P2E companies, Metacade is gaining traction and credibility in the industry. In fact, some veteran market observers have spoken of Metacade’s potential 100x pre-sale profits based on its real prospects of becoming the definitive Web3 community hub for all parts of the GameFi industry.

Say hello to Metacade

Metacade is causing a stir in the crypto world because its comprehensive functionality brings revenue, rewards, and value to anyone active in the GameFi space. Gamers benefit from immersive games that promise true P2E returns. Developers benefit from a global platform where they can market their games to a focused audience. And crypto fans can earn big with a great investment opportunity.

Metacade’s unparalleled ability to bring together all sides of the crypto gaming industry has wowed the market. Read through the stats on Gamefi and you’ll begin to understand why Metacade has every chance of hitting 100x wins.

How Metacade works

Metacade gets its name from an amalgamation of Metaverse and arcade games. This merger offers Blockchain-Players an excellent mix of Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, Create2Earn and Work2Earn games. But Metacade is much more than that. It’s a platform for developers to test, promote, and sell games, host competitions, and find new employees. And it also offers investors and crypto fans excellent betting and investment opportunities.

Metacade’s goal is to be the number one Web3 meeting place for crypto players, developers and investors. This goal is achieved through his commitment, a full-fledged DAO and also underscored by a number of initiatives that generate income and rewards for community members. For example, Metacade’s Metagrants program provides funds for the development of new games that return revenue and rewards to the Metacade community.

How Metacade is changing the GameFi world

In an increasingly crowded market sector, Metacade stands out for a number of reasons. These include an excellent selection of Metaverse and arcade games, a top-notch launchpad for designers and developers, and an attractive investment proposition for crypto fanatics. To this impressive list you can also add a community-focused ecosystem that actively rewards the people who started the company, as well as the near-limitless potential to grow into the future.

Metacade looks to the GameFi world with exclusive games, functionality, investment potential, and a community-driven model. It’s not too late to be in the game, but you must act fast to take advantage of the best pre-sale offer.

Is Metacade (MCADE) secure?

Unlike some competitors, who have a lax approach to investor safety, Metacade takes safety very seriously. Leading blockchain auditing firm CertiK audited Metacade to ensure the underlying code is highly secure and not vulnerable to fraud. Security is further enhanced by the fact that Metacade’s MCADE token is based on the Trusted Ethereum Platform.

Will Metacade (MCADE) hit $2/100x before launch?

Crypto investors and analysts are already speculating on how high MCADE could go. Is a projected 100x return really on the horizon? The answer is yes, and that’s why so many people attend the Metacade presale. Crypto investors are excited for the market to rebound after a tough 2022, and the GameFi sector is expected to take flight. If this is the case, you can expect Metacade (MCADE) to fly as well, making 100x wins possible.

Why you should buy Metacade (MCADE).

Very quickly, Metacade’s initial presale raised over $1.75 million. Why the quick recording? First, Metacade is currently available at the highly competitive pre-sale price of $0.01. Second, Metacade’s key target market is poised for explosive growth. And third, other players in the industry, like Decentraland, proven that 100x wins – and more – are achievable. If you’re serious about investing in the GameFi sector, check out the Metacade presale now.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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