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MetaMask teases in-app NFT extension | Crypto News Aktuell German

                                                            MetaMask ist eine der beliebtesten Wallet-Anwendungen ohne Verwahrung mit Millionen von aktiven Benutzern.  Nun ärgert es auch, dass in-App-nicht fungible Token auch bald zum Leben erweckt werden.
  • Crypto potato reported in early November that the popular no-custody wallet MetaMask has reached a whopping user base of more than 21 million.
  • MetaMask is in the middle of the ongoing DeFi-Boom as it is the most popular wallet.
  • Now the team also teased about coming NFTs in the MetaMask browser extension.

NFTs on the MetaMask extension? Will come very soon!

The elves in our workshop put the finishing touches to the collection function of Extension so that we can be on par with our mobile app.

  • It’s no surprise that MetaMask seeks to expand and improve the user experience when it comes to NFTs.
  • Non-fungible tokens have become the hottest topic of 2021, and the emerging play-to-earn field is largely based on and reliant on them.
  • In any case, there are no further details on when the release will be launched.

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