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MetaPay (METAPAY) is booming again, but will it crash soon?

the cryptocurrency MetaPay (METAPAY) climbs to the top of the charts today with a massive 906.53% gain. That takes its price to $0.00001419 (METAPAY/USD), making it the second highest earner today (below PETWARS).

The progress of MetaPay

Back in February we told you about MetaPay and how it was the highest earning cryptocurrency that day, bringing in an incredible 917% gain in 24 hours. Earnings are almost as high today, but has MetaPay lost its previous gains ahead of today’s bull run?

This Metaverse-focused crypto has seen its ups and downs since February. It lost most of its gains after this surge and then stayed pretty flat for a while. Another massive surge came in late March, when MetaPay shot from $0.000001091 to $0.0002702 in a day. That was a very impressive 24,666% gain, but it didn’t last. In the next few days, the price fell almost entirely back to where it was before the surge.

Since then we’ve seen some small increases from MetaPay, but nothing major until this week. From the first of the month, MetaPay began a significant price increase and has increased sharply over the past few days. It keeps gaining and losing these high rates, and it could be preparing for something. Or it could be preparing to fall flat again.

Should you consider investing in MetaPay?

The most important thing to know about this crypto right now is that it is volatile and unpredictable. It could climb higher and post even bigger gains over the next few days, or it could bottom and retrace its base price.

What its short history has told us about it so far is that it probably won’t stick with a price increase for long. Normally, large price increases for MetaPay last a few days at most. As we have seen price increases over the past few days, it is very likely that the rate will go down soon. What savvy investors will benefit most from is buying up some MetaPay tokens once the price goes low again and then holding onto them when the price shoots up again.

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