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MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT $ 100,000 Airdrop Event

MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT $ 100,000 Airdrop Event, Crypto Trading News

December 17, 2021 – Hong Kong, China

MetaVisa is a Layer 3 middleware protocol that is built on Ethereumwho is dedicated to developing a decentralized identity and building a credit system in the Metaverse.

MetaVisa has held 10 AMAs in the past two weeks with 10 congregations with members in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Korea, the US and much of Europe. In addition, MetaVisa completed an event with $ 50,000 bounty rewards.

Users who have a MetaVisa NFT-Heroes held in hand and had it as their profile photo on Twitter and retweeted event tweets with “#MetaVisa” had a chance to share the bounty rewards that were all given out.

During the event and in the last few weeks of AMAs, MetaVisa’s Twitter followers rose to 16,200. Telegram’s global group reached 16,100 members. Over 6,500 users have participated directly in the most recent events and so far more than 1,100 MetaVisa NFT heroes have been minted.

In the coming weeks MetaVisa will present you the limited series of MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFTs. There are a total of 10,000 of these particular NFTs and no more will be created. Attendees attending this event will have the option of 100,000 USDT-Share bonuses.

The details are as follows.

  • How do I win “Gambling Rewards”? The first 1,000 participants receive a special reward. After that, a lucky lottery will be held where random NFT holders will be awarded regardless of when they acquired theirs.
  • How much do limited edition NFTs cost? Participants only have to pay the gas fees for the minting. There are no additional costs.
  • What is the benefit of a limited edition NFT? The limited edition NFTs will serve as a custom user identity badge in the MetaVisa ecosystem, identifying MetaVisa users for future privileges.
  • Can these NFTs be traded? There are no restrictions on trading. Users can NFTs for trading on third party NFT platforms. After the transfer or transaction, ownership, identification, and subsequent rights and interests are also transferred in accordance with the NFT.
  • Only users who own MetaVisa NFT hero can participate in this activity. Request the MetaVisa NFT hero here.
  • A user who owns a MetaVisa NFT hero has three chances a day to draw a limited edition NFT.
  • Each address can only claim one limited edition NFT.
  • The user must pay all gas charges for availing NFTs.
  • The final interpretation rights for this event are held by MetaVisa.

We hope you all enjoy participating in this event. We’ll be running a new Airdrop campaign at a later date, so stay tuned for more upcoming events.

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Eddie at MetaVisa

MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT $ 100,000 Airdrop Event, Crypto Trading News

The NFT $ 100,000 airdrop event after the MetaVisa Hero Assembly first appeared on The Daily Hodl.


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