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MetaVisa optimizes on-chain credit system and integrates decentralized identity to improve services

                                                            <strong>[PRESS RELEASE – HongKong, China, 30th December 2021]</strong>

MetaVisa, a Layer 3 middleware protocol, helps users create and view reliable identity and credit records in the chain by analyzing on-chain data DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO etc. The Metaverse project integrates the identity system into these applications, such as Yield Guild Games (YGG).

YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games, a gaming guild that brings players together to earn via blockchain-based economies.

MetaVisa records the on-chain actions of the address of YGG users based on on-chain data used to create a profile of YGG’s guild members. This helps YGG to better target its users and improve the performance of its members, which enables optimization of the management.

MetaVisa determines the output capacity of users based on the holding period of the NFT game props of the address, for example, those with shorter periods of time are usually star players with a stronger output capacity. Stars with a strong output value can also be identified using the token output rate. Based on this data, combined with the MetaVisa model, a scientific scoring system can be provided that will help YGG better manage its members and build a ladder return structure.

YGG aims to build the largest crypto business community. With the help of MetaVisa’s decentralized identity and credit system, YGG could have the support to optimize the community’s assets with maximum benefit and to distribute the profit to the token holders. The participants in this DAO are owners and managers of the entire ecosystem.

YGG is committed to investing in and managing NFTs in the Metaverse, in part because of their ability to serve as the foundation for digital property rights. MetaVisa believes the usage scenario for NFT is to generate cash flows for GameFi assets that have real utility and monetization potential.

Owning digital assets in virtual worlds is an empowering example that redefines “work” and democratized access to high paying “jobs” in virtual worlds.

These jobs are becoming more and more of a game. In a world where capital flows freely across borders but labor does not, capital has greater potential for profit. However, in virtual worlds where “jobs” are mobile and the barriers to entry are much lower, the rewards for Labor are higher. This is the play-to-earn revolution. In this case, improving the on-chain identity with a model or standard for evaluating the users in the DAO will serve the DAO members better with a scientific output rate reference based on an on-chain data analysis.

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