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Michael Saylor sees Bitcoin trading at $69,000 in the next four years

                                                            Michael Saylor – Mitbegründer und Vorsitzender der Business-Intelligence-Software MicroStrategy – prognostizierte, dass der Preis von Bitcoin „irgendwann in den nächsten vier Jahren“ sein Allzeithoch ab November 2021 (etwa 69.000 US-Dollar) erreichen wird.

Over the years, the 57-year-old entrepreneur has emerged as an outspoken supporter of the leaders cryptocurrency presents while his company is the largest holder of BTC companies. Earlier this week, it accumulated another 301 coins, rounding up its total stash to 130,000 BTC.

Huge jump for BTC in the following years

American pro-bitcoin CEO Michael Saylor appears unfazed by the ongoing crypto winter. Despite the market slump this year, he believes Bitcoin will reach its all-time high of $69,000 in the following four years.

during his last interviewHe went further and predicted that the primary digital asset could trade at $500,000 over the next decade should it market capitalization of gold correspond to:

“The next logical step for Bitcoin is to replace gold as a non-government store of value.”
Michael Saylor sees Bitcoin trading at $69,000 in the next four years, Crypto Trading NewsMichael Saylor, Bloomberg
Despite the significant current difference between the two assets’ market caps (gold sits at around $11 trillion while bitcoin sits at around $365 billion), Saylor has often favored cryptocurrency.

Last year he outlined the merits of BTC and claims that it is 50 times better than the precious metal. This summer he reiterated that stance, saying the asset is “obviously better than gold and everything that gold wants to be.” Instead of going to zero (as some might predict given the recent price drop), Saylor presented it will shoot up to $1 million in the coming years.

MicroStrategy continues to buy BTC

A few days ago, the company interacted with Bitcoin again, spending $6 million on it to buy 301 coins at an average price of $19,851 per asset. This took the Nasdaq-listed company’s crypto holdings to 130,000 BTC.

However, due to the market crash, MicroStrategy is currently sitting at a substantial unrealized loss on its investment. Over the years it has spent around $4 billion amassing its stockpiles, while that amount is now worth around $2.5 billion.

The company’s shares have also been in a downtrend for the past few months. Last November (when the crypto market peaked and Bitcoin was trading near $70,000), MSTR shares were worth over $800 while they are now under $200 (a 75% drop).

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