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Morali’s number one Coinbase Engineer Craig Hammell as Senior Tech Advisor

Morali’s number one Coinbase Engineer Craig Hammell as Senior Tech Advisor, Crypto Trading News

December 1, 2021 – Sunbyberg, Sweden

The decentralized application platform Moralis welcomes Craig Hammell to his team as Senior Technical Advisor. The acquisition of Craig Hammell, Coinbase’s first engineer, will bring his expertise to the Moralis project and improve the project’s capacity to scale and incorporate additional blockchains. In addition, Hammell will help bring Moralis’ tools to mobile devices and game engines, including Unity.

Moralis, one Blockchain-Solution for decentralized applications (DApps), welcomes a new member to his team. The project has attracted a lot of attention following its recent $ 13.4 million seed funding courtesy of EQT Ventures. This seed capital will drive product development and business expansion, and make Moralis’ user-friendly interface for DApp development accessible to a wider audience.

The addition of Craig Hammell as a technical consultant will help make Moralis the standard for Web 3.0 development. Additionally, it will add to the appeal of its middleware product as the team adds a senior technical advisor with a proven track record in the crypto world. Craig Hammell will take on the role of advisor as he immediately recognized the potential and use case of Moralis and its role in bringing Web 3.0 into the mainstream.

Moralis’ Web 3.0 development could be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space. An affirmative nod from Hammell confirms this possibility. Additionally, Craig Hammell was the first outside engineer outside of the founders of the Coinbase platform, which makes him perfect for future development of Moralis and its product.

Hammell recognized Coinbase’s potential from day one and helped it become a household name among cryptocurrency enthusiasts for over six years. The fact that he comes to Moralis at this crucial stage of development shows that Craig sees similar transformation potential in this project. Allowing Moralis to grow its workforce, attractiveness and technology will be the first task.

When Craig Hammell came to Moralis he said:

“I knew Moralis was important when I discovered it as a developer working on my own Web 3.0 project. It’s like having my own infra team for DeFi like the missing piece that will allow a thousand times more developers to build on blockchains. I am very pleased to be able to support the Moralis team and thus the entire ecosystem in their growth. “

Blockchain developers today are faced with a fragmented landscape of tools and solutions. While this is sufficient to solve most individual problems, there is no single solution for chain and cross-platform DApp development. Moralis will fill this gap and provide a streamlined user experience for front-end development.

About Moralis

Founded in 2020, Moralis is a blockchain development platform that supports decentralized apps (DApps). Moralis offers a complete end-to-end platform for blockchain application development that allows developers and businesses to focus on the front end while managing the entire back end.

The unique platform enables the next generation of developers to create highly scalable and secure DApps within a few days, saving both time and money for projects that do not have the resources or teams to manage a complex blockchain infrastructure and wait.



Morali’s number one Coinbase Engineer Craig Hammell as Senior Tech Advisor, Crypto Trading News

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