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NBA star Stephen Curry celebrates his 3-point record with the introduction of the NFT Collection

                                                            Der Point Guard der Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry – gilt weithin als einer der besten Schützen in der Geschichte der National Basketball Association.  Am Montag (20. Dezember) bewies er sein Vermächtnis, indem er die 2.974 3-Zeiger in seiner Karriere erzielte und damit den Rekord von Ray Allen übertraf.

To celebrate this success, Curry has one NFT-Collection brought out consisting of every 3-pointer he has scored on his NBA appearances. Each collectible costs $ 499 as the athlete donates all of the profits to a charity.

Shoot … and the NFTs are there

The NFT collection was published on and is called the “2974 ​​Collection”. It contains a number of non-fungible tokens that represent all of the 3’s that Stephen Curry has scored in his career.

“I’m really grateful to be able to share this moment with all of the fans, the entire Bay Area community and everyone who has supported me over the years,” said the player.

Andrea McDonald – artist and university graduate – is the creator of the work of art. Each collectible includes the place and date of the game as well as Curry’s digital signature. 2973 of the non-fungible tokens are priced at $ 499, while the record-breaking 2974 3-hand will be auctioned for 72 hours and sold to the highest bidder.

Curry announced that he will donate 100% of the proceeds to “Eat.Learn.Play” – a foundation founded by the athlete and his wife with the aim of improving the lives of children. However, the 33-year-old added that he will be giving away 200 of the 2,974 NFTs to people who have helped him on his journey. This includes fans of the Golden State Warriors, school teachers, coaches, neighborhood friends, mentors, Stephens SC30 team, teammates, rivals and family.

The NBA star is no newcomer to the cryptocurrency space. Three months ago he became the global ambassador and shareholder of the Digital Asset Exchange FTX. The latter serves as a host platform for users to own NFTs from the “2974 ​​Collection” and then sell them.
Stephen Curry, NBA

Curry is an NFT owner

The athlete joined the NFT craze by purchasing digital art from Bored Ape in late August. To purchase the collector’s item, he gave 55 ETH valued at approximately $ 180,000 (at the time of the transaction).

Interestingly, the monkey was first sold for 0.68 ETH and 1.5 ETH before Curry bought it for more than 80 times its original price.

His monkey has some of the rarest features in the collection. It has zombie eyes with blue fur and wears a tweed suit.

Selected image courtesy of the Merit School


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