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NFTs accessible to all with the launch of the Fiat-focused SIMBA market

SIMBA Market officially launches on June 23, 2022 with digital collectibles from globally recognized snowboard manufacturer Kemper Snowboards. Next, the platform will publish work from the International Hockey Federation (FIH), which coincides with their Women’s World Championship, taking place in Spain and the Netherlands from July 1-17, 2022. In addition to the visual features, both collections released through SIMBA Market will also offer certain utilities such as: E.g. physical products, exclusive access to events, product discounts and more.
Jib Hunt, CEO of Kemper Snowboards said:

“We wanted to create an experience for our customers and fans beyond the winter months Combination of digital and physical realm. We chose SIMBA Market because we wanted our community to be ours NFTs can buy as easily as any of our products.”

With a simple user interface, SIMBA Market offers brands the opportunity to use the Blockchaintechnology to create totally unique experiences for their fans. SIMBA Market is based on polygonto ensure low NFT mint and transaction fees and a low carbon footprint while providing access Ethereum Platforms with the Polygon Ethereum Bridge.

Unlike other NFT marketplaces that cater to experienced Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency investors, SIMBA Market offers a Web 2.0 oriented user experience that can be used by anyone regardless of their blockchain and cryptocurrency background. Using SIMBA Market, consumers can conveniently purchase digital collectibles using credit or debit cards, just like any other item online.

Bryan Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain said,

“We built SIMBA Market to enable brands across all industries from sports to music and entertainment to CO2 certificates Introduce their communities to Web 3.0 without the need for crypto understanding. This is in line with our mission to bring Web 3.0 to the world.”

To further differentiate itself from most contemporary NFT marketplaces and increase its appeal to mainstream audiences, SIMBA Market’s offering is fully curated. Partners and producers are selected based on their needs, audience and other factors, with the platform’s focus on entertainment, sports and eSports companies.

SIMBA Market’s focus on simplicity and familiarity allows traditional brands to serve their existing communities rather than just offering crypto to a limited audience. The first launch will allow fiat buying and a simple and intuitive user experience for brands to easily target their existing communities along with the more savvy crypto community. In the coming months, SIMBA Market will be working on implementing more exciting features such as: B. the ability to resell, buy NFTs with crypto and more.

About SIMBA Chain

SIMBA Chain (short for Simple Blockchain Applications) has simplified blockchain app development by removing the complexities involved and making the technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their blockchain know-how.

The NFT marketplace, SIMBA Market is designed for non-crypto and crypto enthusiasts alike, with simple UX, fiat purchases and iconic brands across sports, entertainment and games. The platform automatically generates APIs that support both public and private blockchains and is designed for any developer to easily adopt through drag-and-drop smart contract creation

Incubated at the University of Notre Dame, SIMBA Chain enables clients to deploy blockchain applications without having to spend significant time and resources hiring consultants or technology experts. With SIMBA Chain’s cloud-based platform, all developers, companies, universities, among others, can easily create Web 3.0 solutions.


Simon Moser, PR manager at Polygrowth

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