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NFTs will generate $ 100 million in sales for Sotheby’s in 2021

It’s worth being part of the crypto world, especially when you see leading auction house Sotheby’s making $ 100 million in profits so far this year NFT-Sales. A recent report by the company describes how getting into the Metaverse has brought several new buyers to the platform, most of them under the age of 40 – a very different group of potential customers than they usually saw.

More interestingly, this was a whole new room for most users, as was Sotheby’s, with 78% of bidders being first-time users on its NFT platform. Two of the most successful collections in his virtual gallery were Bored ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

In summary, Sotheby’s held its very first NFT auction in April of this year, bringing 3,000 interested buyers to the platform and generating $ 16.8 million in sales. His debut collection includes NFTs created by leading digital artist Pak.

Other notable NFT sales that Sotheby’s NFT platform has seen so far include a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT valued at $ 24.4 million, another from the CryptoPunks collection valued at $ 11.8 million Dollars and even the original source code for the. World Wide Web for $ 5.3 million.

But it wasn’t just digital art that drove Sotheby’s revenue into Cryptocurrencies scored. It also earned crypto assets for physical artifacts that year, including a rare diamond and artwork from Banksy’s collection.

Sotheby’s NFT platform also caused quite a stir recently when it held a high-profile auction for the first edition of the US Constitution. At the auction, the ConstitutionDAO was founded, a decentralized community that tries to bid in order to put the constitution in the hands of the people.

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