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No Way Home Leaks Targeted By Monero Mining Malware (Report)

                                                            Offenbar finden Hacker neue Wege, um ahnungslose Opfer auszunutzen und ihre Rechenleistung zu nutzen.  Diesmal ist das wichtigste Werkzeug, das Sie verwenden sollten, die Leaks des neuen <em>Spide-Man: Kein Weg nach Hause </em>Film.
  • Spider-Man: No way home premiered on December 17, 2021 – just a week ago in the US.
  • According to box office statistics, it is already the third most successful film of the year for the time being.
  • Data from Box Office Mojo shows it is the top-grossing film in 2021, grossing over $ 350 million in its premiere week alone.
  • Of course, such a popular movie would also create a demand for leaked releases on the internet, most commonly in the form of torrent downloads.
  • However, new research shows that it is precisely these versions that have been heavily targeted by hackers.
  • The study concludes that hackers Monero-Miners have placed in torrent downloads of the new movies.
  • For those who don’t know, malware is coding that is not part of the publisher’s intent and is designed to run various processes in the background without the knowledge and consent of the user.
  • In this case, the miner would also add exclusions for Windows Defender, start a watchdog process to keep it active, and create persistence.

After the research:

The malware tries to avoid eyes by using “legitimate” names for the files and processes it creates. for example, it claims to be from google and dumps files with names like sihost64.exe and injects svchost.exe.

  • Monero was expecting something Cryptocurrency of choice for hackers, supposedly because of its enhanced privacy features.
  • XMR is also the coin the Black Hats prefer when it comes to ransomware requirements. As Crypto potato Earlier this year reported someone called for $ 100 million in XMR from computer giant Acer after installing ransomware on its systems.

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