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OpenSea Discord Channel Compromised, Hackers Promote NFT Scam

That Blockchain-Security company PeckShield announced the latest security incident against OpenSea’s Discord channel, following multiple complaints from users on Twitter. The popular NFT-Marketplace stated that he had started an investigation.

  • After several tweets regarding the incident, PeckShield confirmed that the NFT marketplace’s Discord channel was being exploited.
  • The scammers used a YouTube NFT Art phishing link and started promoting a fraudulent NFT mint. As with previous scams, this one outlined a specific mint offered in partnership with YouTube.
  • It redirected users to the YouTube link, where a promotion was running that offered the first 100 participants an opportunity to claim tokens at a 100% discount.
  • At the time of writing these lines, there is no official confirmation if anyone fell for the scam. OpenSea later tweeted that the team was investigating the issue.

We are currently investigating a potential vulnerability in our discord, please do not click on links in the discord.

— OpenSea Support (@opensea_support) May 6, 2022

  • The massive NFT marketplace was also exploited earlier this year, with reports claiming that the perpetrator stole $1.8 million worth of digital art. The company later promised to compensate all affected users.

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