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Over $1.2 billion in liquidations

                                                            Der gesamte Cryptomarkt ist wieder einmal in Rot getaucht, mit unzähligen zweistelligen Verlusten in fast allen Charts.  Bitcoin um 15% gedumpt, während die Altcoins es mit Solana noch schlimmer haben, RippleDogecoin, Shiba-Inu, Avalancheund natürlich Terra, die den negativen Trend anführen.
  • It’s safe to say that the crypto market is in free fall right now, and it has been for the past week or so. CryptoPotato has frequently reported on the massive price declines that took bitcoin from $40,000 to below $30,000 during this period.
  • However, the past 24 hours have been tough again. After breaking news of the new US inflation numbers, BTC fell below $30,000, surged above that level and then plunged again.
  • This led to a new year-and-a-half low below $28,600 being marked as reported last night, but the situation only got worse when BTC collapsed to $26,500 a few hours ago.
  • Somewhat expected, altcoins capitulated even more. Ethereum is down more than 20% to well below $2,000. Binance Coin is down 25% to $235. Even more massive drops are emerging Ripple (-30%), Solana (-36%), Cardano (-32%), Dogecoin (-30%), Avalanche (-35%) and Shiba Inu (-35%).
  • The market’s biggest loser – Terra – has fallen below $0.30 at the time of writing. Following the UST drama, LUNA lost about 99% of its value in a week.
  • These developments have resulted in a high number of liquidations and liquidated traders, with over $1.2 billion destroyed in the last 24 hours while over 430,000 traders have had their positions liquidated.

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