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P2E Gaming Astra Guild Ventures is building a decentralized community to connect technology leaders

                                                            Blockchain-basierte Play-to-Earn-Spiele und nicht fungible Token werden immer beliebter.  In den letzten Jahren sind P2E und digitale Sammlerstücke gewachsen und haben sich schnell zu einem äußerst lukrativen Aspekt des Crypto-Raums innerhalb des ständig wachsenden Universums der Blockchain-Technologie entwickelt.

However, investors need to learn or understand the time-consuming complexities of how NFTs work and manage them.

Not only is this daunting, but it also prevents these investors from maximizing their return potential. Providing a permanent solution to this scaling problem will give investors an advantage in the growing NFT industry, and Astra Guild Ventures is committed to fully establishing this.

This is what awaits you in this article

What is Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)?

Astra Guild Ventures is a fast growing decentralized autonomous organization that revolves around viable NFT projects, peer-to-peer games and other innovative blockchain initiatives to bridge the gap between investors, gamers and NFT game enthusiasts worldwide.

As an industry leader and one of the largest play-to-earn gaming guilds in the world, Astra Guild Ventures is committed to bringing together leading venture capitalists and NFT players to increase the return potential of investments, and NFT assets contribute to further development and adoption the ball.

The guild is involved in the emerging play-to-earn games industry. Some of them are Realms of Ethernity (RoE), Kart Racing League (KRL), and PlaceWar with over 2,000 Axie Infinity– Scholarship holders.

AGV records over 190,000 SLPs daily and makes an average of $ 800,000 monthly. With an extensive community on all social channels, the guild wants to make a real impact in the Play2Earn area. Astra Guild Ventures also recently announced the completion of its private sale, raising a total of $ 3 million and a total of $ 2.3 million during its seed investment.

According to the official website, AGV is also the first DAO for NFTs, who create and deploy a transparent stakeholder revenue dashboard that tracks the revenue of all their guilds and NFT assets.

Prominent supporters of the project include Mario Nawfal, The Moon Carl, AMCrypto and the Russian Alexander Kondrashov.

Upcoming IDO events on launchpads

To build a global network of NFT enthusiasts around the world, AGV introduces its IDO. The launches aim to curate more investment opportunities and solutions for investors and developers.

Cooperlaunch, YellowRoad, Luna Pad, DAOStarter, DAOland, Krystal, Playpad, Oxbull, AGV Launchpad, Maison Capital, Erax, MultiPad, Lithium and BSC Meme Pad are among the most popular IDO platforms and will host the AGV IDO.

The IDO events are aimed at creating transparency and at the same time giving potential investors the opportunity to explore the opportunities of the AGV project and to assess their earnings potential in the P2E and NFTIndustry.

Bridging the gap between players and investors

Astra Guild Ventures is interested in redefining the NFT space and how investors and developers use their earning opportunities. AGV is able to help investors faced with the complexities and time consuming processes involved in learning and managing NFTs. The project aims to connect NFT enthusiasts, investors and technology leaders in a decentralized community to achieve a win-win situation.

AGV aims to help investors who barely have the time to run their NFTs through a platform that connects them with gamers and NFT enthusiasts eager to earn extra income while also accessing NFT assets they own otherwise can not afford.

According to the official announcement, AGV is raising and lending assets to players while offering training in exchange for a portion of their income.

The profit is shared between token holders, players, managers and the gaming guild DAO Treasury so they can invest and drive growth. The project is designed to maximize the return potential for investors, gamers and developers.

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