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PathFund to launch staking and auditing token launchpad through the end of 2021

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As a result of the recent renaming, PathFund is poised to enter a whole new phase of marketing and development. The staking function, which will appear shortly, has been subjected to strict tests and is currently being audited by renowned auditing companies (Certik, QuillAudits & SolidProof). In the next few weeks the project will also release its flagship product “Auditing Cryptocurrency Token Launchpad” called PathLaunch before the end of 2021.

By using the DApp, users can stake PATH tokens from their wallets. Staked PATH tokens offer an APR of 60% and the privilege of receiving exclusive access to the pre-sale of all projects starting on PathLaunch. PathLaunch is a decentralized, self-sufficient auditing token launchpad that ensures the safety of its investors by carefully launching projects that pass the audits, Team KYC and other thorough reviews of the platform. It will also provide guidance, knowledge, potential partnerships and incubation services for the listed projects according to their respective needs.

“We check the code and the products before they are made available to the public, the project team goes through the KYC verification, we examine their general strengths and weaknesses, we connect them to development or advertising companies, we offer them a manual with tips and Tricks, and offer mentoring before and after the introduction. We also sponsor them. Not only do we start them blind, we incubate and support them every step of the way, ”said Alexandru Ion, CEO of PathFund.

After the introduction of staking and launchpad, the team plans to add Fiat On-Ramp to the platform as well as cross-chain compatibility through the use of the token bridge with other blockchains. PathFund will also launch an aggressive marketing campaign in early 2022 that will include articles, press releases, ads on crypto-related and other financial websites and promotions through recognized influencers and websites, as well as listing on exchanges, interviews and partnerships with renowned growth accelerators and marketing agencies.

About PathFund

PathFund was started on May 16, 2021 and is a project that focuses on the provision of crypto-based solutions in the decentralized BlockchainArea dedicated to. His initiative is to build a safe and friendly ecosystem with an intuitive and robust user interface and make it available to all types of investors and startups. The tokenomics implemented in the platform’s native BEP-20 tokens (PATH) with a total tax of 9% (5% added to the liquidity pool, 3% redistributed among the holders, 1% to the financingWallet diverted) makes the platform self-supporting.

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