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Pawthereum Announces 12 Day Fundraising Campaign

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Pawthereum, a decentralized, community-run cryptocurrency project that aims to support animal shelters and be a digital advocate for animals in need, has announced its “12 Days of Giving” campaign in which it will donate money to 12 different organizations for 12 days.

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What is Pawthereum?

Pawthereum (PAWTH) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project of his community with the aim of giving something back to animal shelters and at the same time advocating for the welfare of animals in need.

The project has so far donated $ 394.00 to charities and animal shelters and has over 30 core team members and volunteers supporting the project. Pawthereum’s donations are partially funded by users who invest in PAWTH, as every purchase gives something back by helping rescue and care for stray animals while standing up for their rights.

To date, Pawthereum’s PAWTH has a little over 1,700 owners and has donated well over a quarter of a million dollars to charitable organizations. There is a 0.5% fee on every PAWTH transaction that goes straight to a charity wallet with no percentage going to the team behind the project.

The aim of the project is to “be a voice for animals in need and to protect their rights when they cannot do this themselves”.

Pawthereum’s 12 days of giving

As mentioned above, Pawthereum will donate to 12 different charities over a 12-day period as part of the “12 Days of Giving” campaign. The campaign started on December 14th and ends on Christmas Day.

To avoid just giving away money, Pawthereum will also tell the stories of the shelters it donates to, through “numerous press releases, tons of video content, social media engagement and YouTube interviews”.

Each donation recipient will be kept secret until the day they donate, so the community can look forward to learning more about the shelter and the story behind it. Slots for new donations will be announced daily at 6:00 p.m. CET on the Pawthereum website using an advent calendar.

As for the project’s next marketing campaign, the team insists they don’t want to rush marketing in order to achieve sustainable, healthy organic growth.

PAWTH token metrics

The PAWTH token enables investors to support nonprofit organizations and has a total volume of $ 1 billion. As mentioned above, there is a 0.5% transaction fee that is used to support these organizations, but no marketing, administration, or development fees.

the Cryptocurrency has blocked part of its liquidity in a pool on the decentralized exchange Uniswapas she wants to ensure that investors can get on and off the project as they see fit.

Investing in PAWTH gives investors the opportunity to be part of a project that aims to save the lives of animals in need, the team’s fortune. You can learn more about Pawthereum by reading the project’s pawpaper or on its website.

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