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PlayDapp and Mikey NFT Stand Out in Busy NFT Marketplace, Selling Out in Three Hours Crypto News

As soon as the Blockchaingaming platform and the NFTMarketplace PlayDapp launched their non-fungible token (NFT) collection “PlayDapp Members + Mikey NFT” The entire collection of 10,000 free mint NFTs sold out in three hours. The collection featured DJ Mikey, a badass teenage red panda who has carved his way to superstar DJ status.
PlayDapp Members + Mikey NFT Collection traded on the marketplace from September 6th to September 18th, 2022 and achieved a transaction volume of $17,296. While the initial daily floor price for Mikey NFT was $4.39 at the time of its launch, the floor price rose to $5.91, up 34.6% in the most recent trading day. A total of 3,992 NFTs were transferred or sold.

With the success of its PlayDapp Members + Mikey NFT collection, the PlayDapp team hopes NFT enthusiasts will join the community and its exclusive club before the main utility and function of NFTs with the soft launch of its latest hyper-casual game “Tournaments” begins on September 26, 2022, which will bring a world of perks to its NFT holders.

PlayDapp NFT holders get special access to the game tournaments where they get more token rewards from PLA Ethereum Token powering PlayDapp versus its non-NFT holders.

Additionally, PlayDapp NFT holders get more chances to play the game than non-NFT holders, meaning the former may have more chances to try and win the PLA rewards.

Peter Song, Head of Global Marketing at PlayDapp said:

“We are over the moon that our NFT collection sold out in just three hours. From what started as a free minting NFT, the market has added value and made it our top seller. It’s a very exciting time for us and now we can’t wait to launch our new game ‘Tournaments’ which will drive demand for our NFTs and make them more valuable.”

About PlayDapp

PlayDapp is a global blockchain middleware provider that offers companies from many different industries the opportunity to integrate blockchain technology into their business models and easily convert their assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

PlayDapp’s blockchain-based C2C marketplace allows gamers and users to freely buy, sell and trade their digital assets with each other.

To buy PlayDapp Members + Mikey NFT, please click here.

More information can be found here.

PlayDapp is the source of this content. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an investment offer.


Peter Song, Head of Global Marketing at PlayDapp

Source: Crypto News Deutsch

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