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Polygon, Avalanche Feuding founders about subnet and supernet functionalities

As more users enter the Web 3 space, scaling has become one of the most interesting conversations. Move over layer 1 and layer 2. The latest beef is between subnet and supernet.

polygon-Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal took a jibe at Avalanche’s lead, calling it “unsafe” and “resorting to shit talk”.

subnet and supernet

It all started when Polygon announced Supernet to support the introduction of Layer 2 and Blockchain– Accelerate technology.

The new functionality aims to address challenges such as the complexity of bootstrapping a decentralized and reliable validator set with well-designed coordination mechanisms, the technical complexity of blockchain networks, security concerns when switching between different architectures, etc. Polygon provided $100 million in funding for the development and deployment of Supernets.

Avalanche, on the other hand, is working on its sharding-inspired “subnet” functionality and aims to significantly scale application-specific blockchains. In this regard, the Layer 2 ecosystem committed $290 million to AVAX to promote the initiative.

Both concepts ultimately aim to scale blockchains, but have a few nuances. Thus, Avalanche community members have complained that Polygon’s supernet is a copy of the subnet.

The meat

According to Polygon’s co-founder, the ‘supernet’ release made the Avalanche leadership “fearful,” accusing them of being “aggressively condescending and always trying to gaslight other communities.” He also told Avalanche mainchain “is a complete outage” and that gas charges “have become unhealthy with tiny traction.”

Nailwal explained that subnets work pretty much like second-layer architectures or sidechains, something that Ethereum-based Layer 2 protocols have been doing this for years. He claimed that the community is being scammed by another Ethereum killer.”

.. sidechains/L2s. If you end up needing sidechains/L2s to scale, then how is it different from what ETH L2 communities have been doing for YEARS?

I’m sorry to tell you but you’ve been scammed yet again by another eth killer, soon. Wake up!

— Sandeep — Use Stripe on Polygon 💜 (@sandeepnailwal) May 4, 2022

Avalanche founder Emin Gün Sirer replied:

“You should work on building a chain that doesn’t go backwards every day.”

While many condoned his behavior online, the Avalanche exec simply said he would do it again.

Sorry Emin, but the avalanche crowd has done nothing but taunt and laugh at Polygon since their Supernets announcement. involving you. I would expect a lot more professionalism from the biggest blockchain creators.

— Cryptodungeon (@TomasVanicekk) May 5, 2022

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