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Polygon (MATIC) reaches new highs after Uniswap integration announcement

Polygon (MATIC) celebrates the inclusion of Uniswap to its ecosystem, with the news fueling strong bullish momentum that has helped it climb record highs after trading on strong foundations for several sessions recently. At the time of writing, MATIC / USD is trading at around $ 2.61.

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Welcome to the Polygon Uniswap ecosystem

The proposal to welcome the largest DEX to the crypto market was made by the Polygon development team and welcomes Uniswap with the promise of high liquidity and some other tempting offers. The Layer 2 scaling solution proposed the switch to compensate for network congestion and high gas charges for the DEX Ethereumthat the use of. hindered uniswap from retailers who found the fees prohibitive.

The proposal was made by the Uniswap Community, who voted to use Uniswap V3 on the Polygon network. The deployment went live in the previous session, revealing Ethereum’s flagship DEX the ability to DeFi accessible to everyone again, resulting in greater efficiency and lower transaction costs.

So far this year Uniswap V2 and V3 have traded over $ 600 billion, making them the largest player in this space. The news brought a lot of joy to the investors of Polygon and resulted in a sharp increase in the value of its native token MATIC. MATIC was one of the few Cryptocurrencies, which made gains despite sluggish movements in the broader market for the past few weeks.

And there is more good news for MATIC

In addition to Uniswap, with the use of MATIC MATIC is also supported by another significant development. Popular web browser Opera has announced a partnership with Polygon in which its dAps will be integrated into the browser. With the move, Opera users can access over 3,000 dApps from the scaling solution ecosystem in their browser, so they can take advantage of Ethereum without having to worry about the high gas fees and transaction times.

MATIC / USD technical analysis

On the 4-hour chart of MATIC / USD, both the moving averages and the MACD are flashing next to buy signals. However, the momentum indicator suggests the presence of sellers in the market.


Polygon’s price shot above the pivot point at $ 2.08 and passed the initial resistance level at $ 2.43. It looks like buyers will find themselves with one consolidation just below the next for now resistance Prepare at $ 2.64.

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