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Popular altcoins exchange MEXC Global is opening Chinese accounts this month

                                                            Eine der führenden Altcoin-Börsen in der chinesischen Region – MEXC Global, früher bekannt als MXC, gab bekannt, dass sie die Konten chinesischer Benutzer bis Ende Dezember 2021 stilllegen wird.
  • In an in-depth Twitter thread, one of the leading Chinese altcoins exchanges, MEXC Global, previously called MXC, announced that it would suspend Chinese accounts by the end of December.
  • The move is in response to the fact that the exchange has entered into partnerships with “several international investment funds to support the expansion of our global activities”.

The adjustments to the corporate governance structure will be carried out under the direction of the newly established, unified Board of Directors. The new diversified leadership team will be taken over and the former team will be phased out following the cessation of user accounts in mainland China. – Read the announcement.

  • Meanwhile, the exchange revealed the launch of the MX Token 2.0 program, which “marks another step in the evolution of the BlockchainEcosystem and talent acquisition ”.
  • The news doesn’t come very surprising to those following the crypto-related events in China.
  • While the country has a pro-blockchain approach, its stance has been against it Cryptocurrencies downright unaffordable.
  • Crypto potato recently reported that the country’s Communist Party had expelled a top official for supporting crypto mining companies.

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