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Price drop well below ICO

                                                            LUNA setzt seinen freien Fall fort, da der Preis allein in den letzten 24 Stunden weitere 93 % verloren hat.  Heute ist die Cryptowährung auch unter ihren ICO-Preis abgestürzt.
  • LUNA had its initial coin offering back in early 2019 when tokens were sold for $0.8. That all-time high The ROI stands at 14,800% since it peaked around $120 in April.
  • Unfortunately, the last few days have taken a turn for the worse and the price is now trading more than 97% below that of the ICO.
  • LUNA is around $0.12 (on Binance), but what’s more shocking is that it was trading around $65 just four days ago.

Price drop well below ICO, Crypto Trading News Binance/TradingView

  • This means that what was $1 million at the time is currently no more than $185 — an unprecedented drop for a cryptocurrency that occupied a top 20 spot for many months.
  • It’s also worth noting that despite the astronomical crash, LUNA remains the 124th largest cryptocurrency by total market cap.
  • This is also happening due to the delisting of Coin-Margined LUNA Perpetual Contracts from Binance Futures

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