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RadioShack announces a new DeFi and NFT collection

                                                            In diesem Jahr wurde Radioshack, der legendäre Verkäufer von elektronischen Komponenten und spezialisierter Hardware, 100 Jahre alt, und wie könnte man seine Langlebigkeit besser feiern, als seinen Geschäftsbereich zu ändern, um die Welt der Cryptowährungen mit der Einführung eines DeFi-Protokolls vollständig zu umfassen und eine NFT-Sammlung.

In a move that left a majority of the avid Crypto Twitter users scratching their heads, the company changed its bio and website to promote its new vision of launching and promoting a DeFi project.

RadioShack: We will bridge the gap between DeFi and our 75 year old customers – the mainstream
Me: How do you do that, RadioShack?
RadioShack: We’re going to do a swap in partnership with Atlas USV
RadioShack customers: a where-who-what now?

– Alex Jewel | bestfoodalex.eth 🧢 (@bestfoodalex) December 18, 2021

RadioShack wants to revolutionize the crypto space

Although no official announcement has yet been made, RadioShack’s new Twitter biography has a clear message: The company now wants to make a big entry into the decentralized financial industry.

In the new Twitter bio of the hundred-year-old group it is now said to want to bring crypto for the average consumer: The new mission of RadioShack is to “be the first protocol that closes the gap in the mainstream usage of DeFi”.

The RadioShack official website is now all about RadioShack Defi. The new DeFi service begins with a swap operated using the Atlas USV token (an acronym for Universal Store of Value). The idea is to create a system of constant flow of third-party tokens to the DEX and to exchange them for discounted UPS tokens.

Image of the partnership between RadioShack and Atlas USV
Initially, the relationship is theoretically a win-win situation, as liquidity providers get their hands on new tokens that they can exchange for profit. In contrast, RadioShack receives tokens from third parties to top up its till.

RadioShack states that “the Atlas UPS protocol is a long-term holder, not a reward, short-term liquidity provider,” which gives its platform a comparative advantage as it ensures long-term liquidity.

In this way, the users guarantee that the team will not sell the tokens to fund themselves. Likewise, Radioshack assures that “as soon as the liquidity pool exceeds the liquidity level of other exchanges in a token pair, our swap efficiency for that pair will be unbeatable”.

NFTs are also on the radar

RadioShack also sponsors a collection of NFTs.

According to its website, the RadioShack team has partnered with The Franklin Mint, Modell’s Sporting Goods, and others to launch its tokens, which are now available on the NFT Opensea Marketplace.

The collection consists of around 74 different pieces, including drawings by the company’s CEO, Alex Mehr, as well as some three-dimensional designs, sports photographs, vehicle photos, and other various designs.

Will RadioShack succeed in this new venture? Or will it be the new Kodak, or worse, another “Long Island Blockchain Tea “? Nobody knows, but this is the cryptosphere, and at least risk-taking traders will have a new token to trade in.

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