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Rainbow 6ix announces a virtual CryptoCarnival event in February 2022

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The world was already slowly but surely moving from physical presence to a digital dimension before the COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted the need for online communication. As a result, massive global brands began to move into the digital realm, with everything soon to take place in the virtual world.

So if the Metaverse is actually just around the corner, how about a carnival for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to learn more about the industry and even have the chance to win prizes. Well, Rainbow 6ix will organize such a virtual event that will take place on February 22nd next year.

The crypto carnival

The project that has promised to bring its visitors the latest and greatest Blockchainand delivering digital asset trends, described CryptoCarnival 2020 as an event that aims to “deliver unique content with top crypto creators and executives to showcase unique blockchain technology and engaging discussions”.

Somewhat expected, the carnival will focus on the six hottest trends in the cryptocurrency space. This includes exchanges – what to look for in decentralized and centralized trading venues, DeFi and its innumerable functions, NFTs, the metaverse, blockchain marketing and of course gaming.

The latter has become hugely popular lately and Rainbow 6ix is ​​keen to capitalize on it by rewarding one of the early bird ticket holders. Whoever that lucky person was, will receive $ 500 worth of Axie pets – one of the hugely popular indigenous tokens Axie InfinityProject.

Rainbow 6ix also promised more gifts to be earned during the February 2022 Carnival. By participating in games, participants can use MacBooks, iPhones, a Bitcoin and five Ethereum to win.

Although the first round of ticket purchases ended on December 5th, the second will last until December 25th. As of now, the Carnival Pass is free and the VIP Pass costs $ 10.

About CryptoCarnival 2020

Organized by Rainbow 6ix, this virtual CryptoCarnival conference brings you the highest level of crypto content, meetings with executives, unique demonstrations of blockchain technology and engaging discussions about the current crypto world and its implications, all via an online platform available in funny gamification is integrated!

The CryptoCarnival consists of airdrops, bounties, lucky draws and other activities from many different projects. This means that the participants experience the product first hand and get a deeper understanding of the project.

For more information:

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