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Rare NFT Fail for the Rare Antiquities Token NFT Fractionalization Marketplace Launch

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The introduction of NFT-fractionalization marketplace for rare antiques ended in epic failure at Aura Skypool Dubai last month. What promised to be an amazing PR stunt fell through when Rare Antiquities Token founder Ryan Howells poured liquid nitrogen on a $40,000 artwork.

Prior to the event, the artwork was commissioned by artist Brigitte Nataf and transformed into digital art before being broken down into 212 equal NFT fractions. Each NFT then served as the guest entrance for the exclusive launch event at the coveted venue with the world’s tallest 360° infinity pool suspended 200 meters above Dubai. Each NFT faction could then be listed on the Rare Antiquities Token NFT Marketplace where it joins other collections such as a fractionated Banksy on and can be bought with Ethereum or the platform’s native token, The Rare Antiquities Token.

Trade with NFT factions

The Rare Antiquities Token NFT Marketplace launched in early March 2022 with the first 664 fraction collection from the fractional Banksy (I Fought The Law, 2003). users can ye portfolio of factions from a single collection and then trigger a forced takeover for the remaining faction owners if a single user owns more than 50% of a collection.

“Is that a fail?!” – @VitalyTheGoat source @themooncarl

At the official launch event of The Rare Antiquities Token NFT Marketplace, the founder poured liquid nitrogen over the $40,000 physical artwork. In theory the idea worked, it would break into pieces and the only remaining version of the art would be the digital version, for which all contestants had received an NFT share.

Unfortunately for the CEO and founder, the conditions of an outdoor environment 50 stories in the air worked against them and the liquid nitrogen actually failed.

Some further embarrassment was saved when an “in the pool” shout from the audience became a lifeline, linking those in attendance with influencers and the biggest names in the Blockchain encouraged to approve the act. The infinity pool was the final destination for the artwork, which was met with great applause and cheers.

If The Rare Antiquities Token wanted to make a name for themselves, they certainly did it at their launch event.

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