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Recount doubles the number of islands in Japan

TOKYO: The number of listed islands in Japan has more than doubled to 14,125 after a recount, compared with the 6,852 last counted around 35 years ago, a government agency said Tuesday.

The increase doesn’t change the size of Japan’s territory or territorial waters, and the new figure is due to improved accuracy in surveying technology through the digitization of maps, the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) said.

Previously, the government had used the number released in 1987 by the Japan Coast Guard, which manually counted islands at least 100 meters in circumference that were shown on a map of the country.

Steps to reassess the number of islands listed followed criticism that the data was old. The new number could affect entries in educational and other materials.

For the recount, GSI said it selected islands at least 100 meters in circumference that were judged to be naturally formed among the 120,729 islands automatically surveyed by computers based on the agency’s electronic national map.

The islands have been cross-checked against previous maps to exclude man-made reclaimed land.

The uninhabited island of Okinotori, considered by Japan to be its southernmost territory but considered a rock by Taiwan, is included along with other islands under Japanese law.

Islands in lakes and river channels are not included.

GSI, which reports to the Department of Land, said it defined islands in line with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that an island is a “naturally formed area of ​​land surrounded by water that is at a height above water.” Tide”.

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