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Replacing blockchain technology barriers with an intuitive user interface

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, 11th May 2022]

In line with one of the company’s core values ​​of simplicity, the launch of Yieldster 2.0 will feature an intuitive UI (user interface) that will help break down the high-tech barrier for less-experienced users and investors.

Yieldster, a decentralized, autonomous organization based on DeFitools and protocols has developed an automated DeFi platform that offers investors the opportunity to implement strategies that enable lending, borrowing and hedging.

The open-source ecosystem aims to directly or indirectly touch every digital asset transaction in the DeFi space via a range of innovative developments, including an on-chain orderbalancer/Executioner designed to help maximize transactions by minimizing costs. This tool sources liquidity across all major DEXs and CEXs and even across chains to minimize or even eliminate slippage risk; The order executor monitors all transaction plans and can automatically retry failed transactions. As with all aspects of the ecosystem, trust and compliance are guaranteed through a rigorous validation process.

The SDK (Software Development Toolkit) allows developers to create DeFi applications that connect to various DeFi protocols. The simplicity of the SDK saves developers valuable time and effort, while the ability to interface with other protocols encourages community expansion.

A Yieldster vault allows investors to execute strategies securely, automatically and cost-effectively. Yieldster vaults can manage both strategies and loans, and allow for the movement of assets between DeFi protocols at low cost. Investors can use one of the expertly crafted strategies offered, or use the SDK and its intuitive API create their own. Whichever option they choose, they can apply the strategies to their personal vault and start earning and post their strategies on the Yieldster marketplace for others to run.

“Investors can rest assured that they are not missing out on lucrative market opportunities as automated execution of even the most complicated strategies is possible through Yieldster’s automated DeFi platform. To ensure cost efficiency, we use optimized order execution and offer low transaction costs to maximize the value of transactions,” said Michael Mildenberger, Yieldster co-founder, explaining the plans of DAOto reach the top of DeFi.

Whether investors choose to build their strategies using Yieldster’s easy-to-use API or choose from one of the expertly built strategies on offer, they can rest assured that they will be executed in the most efficient and secure manner.

About Yieldster

Yieldster DAO offers an open DeFi framework designed to guide investors through the sometimes complex space of decentralized finance. Stakeholders determine the future of the protocol while fostering community growth. The team behind Yieldster consists of experienced fintech technologists, investment bankers and entrepreneurs with a common goal to transform the process of investing in DeFi to simplify and at the same time bring further credibility to the area through reliability and transparency.

Visit for more information about Yielster and its current and planned developments.

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