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Rich Dad author Poor Dad says the market slump is “good news” for hard assets like Bitcoin and dismisses crypto volatility

Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says an imminent collapse in the market is “good news” for despite the recent price volatility of the leading crypto asset Bitcoin (BTC) would.
In an interview with Stanberry Research’s Danielle Cambone, Kiyosaki doubles its predictions of a major market crash that will benefit crypto and precious metal holders.

“… I am hardcore silver and you know I am [in support of] Bitcoin and all that, I’m a tough fortune guy.

So [a market meltdown is] Good news for us, bad news for the boomers. Very bad news. “

The best-selling author goes on to say that those with early entry points into hard assets needn’t worry about extreme volatility caused by a financial disaster.

“Well, like my rich father said to me, ‘You don’t make a profit when you sell, you make a profit when you buy it.”

And so you always want to be on the market early.

So Bitcoin goes up and down – I don’t care because my entry point [was] $ 6,000. It’s always your entry point and how many … coins do you have. “

Kiyosaki says he prefers precious metals because they have no counterparty risk, and Bitcoin and Ethereum for making the networks outside of the purview of the Federal Reserve and the financial system.

“Gold and silver are ‘God’s money’. There is no counterparty risk with gold and silver. They are elements of the periodic table. So God is the opposing party to gold and silver. Bitcoin is a network system, just like Ethereum, it is a network beyond the control of the Fed.

If people say the Fed is going to shut down Bitcoin and all that, it’s possible they did that in China. [but] onetoday everything is possible. So I would just listen to idiots like me. “

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