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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Delivers Alarming Economic Warning, Reveals All-In Bitcoin Price Target

Personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki says a generation of Americans is facing a future of unprecedented economic pain.
In a new circular on the state of global markets, Kiyosaki points to the ongoing inflation and deficits in Social Security and health insurance funding as key factors that he believes will affect large numbers of baby boomers.

“The biggest losers are people who are never lost. These are the people sitting on their 401ks right now. my generation The Former Generation. You are in serious trouble…

The baby boomers will be the biggest losers because they were taught not to make mistakes and haven’t lost yet. It was so easy for you. When they came out in the 1970’s, the stock market was booming, the housing market was booming. The US left the gold standard in 1971. So the baby boomers will get the greatest shellac of all generations. It’s really sad. I see it coming.”

Kiyosaki says he takes a chance after Bitcoin (BTC) recently dropped to levels not seen since late 2020.

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Author of personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad says Bitcoin, which fell to a fresh 52-week low of around $26,700 earlier this week, is “great news.”

Consequently, Kiyosaki says that the flagship crypto asset could fall further to $20,000, but he expects Bitcoin to find strong support at the $17,000 price level.

At this point, Kiyosaki says he plans to dive into the market full-throttle.

“BITCOIN CRASH. Great news. As mentioned in previous tweets, I’m waiting for Bitcoin to crash to $20,000. Will then wait for the test of the bottom which could be around $17k. As soon as I know the floor is in, I back the truck up. Crashes are the best times to get rich. Look out.”

Bitcoin is trading at $30,428 at the time of writing, about 55% below the all-time high of around $69,000, which was reached in November 2021.

Earlier this week, the author said he believes Bitcoin will prevail because of what he perceives as incompetence at the highest levels of the US federal government.

Kiyosaki also said on his YouTube channel earlier this week that he is also waiting for the price of Bitcoin in addition to Bitcoin Ethereum (ETH) keep falling before they keep piling up.

“I still own quite a bit of bitcoin and ethereum. But I am waiting for the price to go down before buying more, another position in Bitcoin and take Ethereum.”

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