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Ripple Secures Deal for XRP Ledger for Use in Colombian Government’s Land Registry System

payment platform Ripple signs a new deal with the Colombian government to use the XRP Ledger (XRPL) in the country’s land registry system.
Crypto software development company Peersyst Technology announced the launch of the first-ever government land registry based on XRPL.

“I am pleased to announce that after a year of development with GobDigitalCO [and] Ministerio TIC, we launched the first national land registry based on XRP Ledger. Main-Blockchain for all Colombians!”

The firm says the Colombian land agency can now access the XRPL as well as register digital assets in their ledger and verify their authenticity via a QR code.

“The solution implemented for AgenciaTierras is based on, which allows registering digital assets on XRPL and verifying their authenticity with a QR code. The solution will see over 100,000 judgments in the short term to guarantee confidence for Colombia.”

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz shares with his 371,000 Twitter followers that the development team recently released a new upgrade that improves the scalability of access to XRPL data.

“We are pleased to announce the release of Clio 1.0, which greatly improves the scalability of accessing XRPL data. It doesn’t matter how fast and cheap ledger final can be if you can’t support large numbers of queries from wallets, exchanges and explorers.”

According to RippleX, the Clio upgrade for XRPL will increase throughput for the application programming interface (API), reduce disk space, lower storage overhead, and allow for easier horizontal scaling.
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