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Robinhood is ready to launch its wallet beta in January 2022

Leading crypto and stock trading app Robinhood is ready to launch its own cryptocurrency trading app starting next month.Wallet to provide to users. The beta version of the wallet will enable tens of thousands of users of the app to withdraw their crypto holdings from the platform.

In a latest blog update released by Robinhood during the previous session, the company confirmed the end of the alpha phase of its wallet development. In the alpha phase, the company tested the wallet on a small group of customers who had signed up to use the service and received feedback based on their experience of its design and functionality.

The beta phase of the project will begin in mid-January 2022 and will offer this service to more customers. However, Robinhood has not yet given any information on how long the beta phase will last and when the full launch of its wallet will take place.

Since the announcement of the wallet feature, Robinhood has received interest from 30 million of its users for the service in less than 30 days. So far, 1.6 million users have put themselves on the waiting list for the crypto wallet.

Robinhood’s crypto wallet offers a high level of security with multi-factor authentication and transaction verification to ensure a convenient and secure experience for its users. The app will also endeavor to be more transparent about the transaction fees for each network at the time of transfer.

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